The US application process - a holistic approach

Applying for admission at a US university is a complex process. Unlike the university system in NSW for example where admission is offered based on your ATAR, US universities take a holistic approach in assessing a student’s application. Application requirements to almost all four-year (or undergraduate) colleges and universities are made up of a personal statment and/or essays, teacher recommendations, ACT or SAT test scores and possibly subject tests, the application itself, transcripts (usually year 9-12) and an application fee. The more selective institutions will also require an interview. The admission team at the respective universities will review all components of an application bef

Why earn a university degree from the US?

Global academic reputation The US is home to some of the world’s most highly regarded academic institutions. Fifteen out of the top twenty ranked global universities are located in the US. Scale and choice There are over 4,000 widely diverse colleges and universities in the US. Institutions range in size from less than 1,000 students to over 50,000 students and offer almost every area of study imaginable. Once offered a place at a university and commencing your studies you have the flexibility to sample an array of academic courses before making a decision on an academic major (usually) at the end of your second year. Flexibility When applying for admission to a US university, most time you