June 28, 2019

Last year the US welcomed over one million international students to its colleges and universities. As part of the undergraduate application requirement for nearly all four year institutions, students need to submit a standardised test score, either the SAT (formerly known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test) or the American College Test, ACT, both of which are administered privately and outside of the school curriculum.

Receiving US institutions will have capabilities to interpret results from either test and there is no preference from one test over the other but you should always check with the universities to which you anticipate applying to best understand their testing policies.

We encourage students to sit and self-score a trial test for both the SAT and the ACT to identify if one test is...

February 27, 2019

Interest in studying in the US is becoming so popular the SAT testing centres in Sydney are reaching capacity well before the registration deadline. Given these test seat limitations, it is imperative for students plan ahead. To help with this, below we have included the SAT and ACT Standardised Test dates as well as SAT Subject Test dates for 2019.

To learn more about SAT Subject Tests we invite you to read our article titled ‘Optional standardised tests for admission purposes to US uni’s - who should take them?’ We have also updated an article which summarises the SAT and ACT as well as an article which provides an overview of the US admission process

From 2019 in Australia the ACT has moved to computer based testing (CBT) where the SAT continues to be a hard copy testing format.

2019 SAT...

July 26, 2018

If you are a current year 11 student click here

Following my recent article highlighting the changes in the new SAT, let's now look into optional standardised tests required for admission purposes by some US institutions. These tests, specifically the essay or writing component offered by the SAT and/or the ACT as well as the SAT Subject Tests are not required by all institutions.

Writing component

As there is no centralised application process blanketing the 4,000 degree granting institutions in the US, individual institutions are able to determine if the SAT or ACT writing component is required for admission purposes. The tests are 50 or 40 minutes respectively and assess a student’s ability to read a passage and demonstrate an understanding by constructing a persuasive argument a...

August 3, 2015

Year 12 students can be overwhelmed with studying for their HSC, taking trials and thinking ahead to completing their secondary studies. One more thing to consider is there is still time to apply for admission to US colleges and universities which will commence late August 2016. Internationally Educated can at least help with this!


The academic year in the US commences late August and ends mid May at most institutions. Application deadlines for many institutions close 1 January 2016 leaving sufficient time for you to seriously consider applying for undergraduate admission in the US. To get the process underway I encourage you to register and sit for your standardised test, either the SAT or ACT; each test is offered multiple times in Sydney between now and the end of the year. Read our...

July 14, 2015

Nearly all four year colleges and universities require applicants to submit a standardised test score, either the SAT or ACT. What are these tests, which will suit me better, and how do you register?


Both of these tests are a method used by admission teams to access how academically prepared you are for college. The SAT test is known to be more of an aptitude test which tests reasoning and verbal abilities as it tests candidates on reading, writing and maths. Additionally, the SAT subject tests are also required for admission to some institutions. These institutions usually request two subject tests but check with your nominated institution to confirm. If you are not sure where you anticipate applying, I encourage you to sit two SAT subject tests, just to be sure. 


The ACT is known to...

June 28, 2015

Applying for admission at a US university is a complex process. Unlike the university system in NSW for example where admission is offered based on your ATAR, US universities take a holistic approach in assessing a student’s application. Application requirements to almost all four-year (or undergraduate) colleges and universities are made up of a personal statment and/or essays, teacher recommendations, ACT or SAT test scores and possibly subject tests, the application itself, transcripts (usually year 9-12) and an application fee. The more selective institutions will also require an interview.


The admission team at the respective universities will review all components of an application before making a decision. Similar to applying for a job, an offer is based on the strength of your...

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