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2019 Standardised Test Dates

Interest in studying in the US is becoming so popular the SAT testing centres in Sydney are reaching capacity well before the registration deadline. Given these test seat limitations, it is imperative for students plan ahead. To help with this, below we have included the SAT and ACT Standardised Test dates as well as SAT Subject Test dates for 2019.

To learn more about SAT Subject Tests we invite you to read our article titled ‘Optional standardised tests for admission purposes to US uni’s - who should take them?’ We have also updated an article which summarises the SAT and ACT as well as an article which provides an overview of the US admission process.

From 2019 in Australia the ACT has moved to computer based testing (CBT) where the SAT continues to be a hard copy testing format.

2019 SAT and ACT Test Dates


9 March 9 February

4 May 13 April

5 October 8 June

7 December 13 July

14 September

12 October

14 December

Note: the ACT is now offered in Queensland. From 2020 there will be a 29 August SAT testing date option.

Students do not need to sit both the SAT and ACT but instead are encouraged to study and prepare for their preferred test. Either test may be sat multiple times, however, we encourage students to sit their preferred test twice with appropriate study prior to each testing date.

2019 SAT Subject Tests

4 May

1 June

5 October

2 November

7 December

Not all subjects are offered on all testing dates. To find out which subjects are offered and when, click here:

A reminder you are not able to sit the SAT and an SAT Subject Test on the same testing date. Students may sit up to three SAT Subject Tests on each testing date.

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