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  • Debra M. Shively

Still time for year 12 students to apply to US universities

Year 12 students can be overwhelmed with studying for their HSC, taking trials and thinking ahead to completing their secondary studies. One more thing to consider is there is still time to apply for admission to US colleges and universities which will commence late August 2016. Internationally Educated can at least help with this!

The academic year in the US commences late August and ends mid May at most institutions. Application deadlines for many institutions close 1 January 2016 leaving sufficient time for you to seriously consider applying for undergraduate admission in the US. To get the process underway I encourage you to register and sit for your standardised test, either the SAT or ACT; each test is offered multiple times in Sydney between now and the end of the year. Read our SAT and ACT tests article for more detail on these.

Internationally Educated can nominate appropriate colleges and universities most suitable for you to apply, seek scholarship opportunities and guide you through the admission process allowing more time for you to focus on your year 12 studies.

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