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Acceptances and Testimonials

Internationally Educated has successfully worked with applicants to gain admission to the following US universities: (In alphabetical order):

Boston College, Massachusetts
Boston University, Massachusetts

Brown University, Rhode Island
Colby College, Maine
Colgate University, New York
Columbia University, New York

Cornell University, New York

Duke University, North Carolina
Emory University, Georgia
Grinnell College, Iowa

New York University
Northeastern University, Massachusetts

Pepperdine University, California

Syracuse University, New York
Tulane University, Louisiana
University of Delaware

University of California (UCLA, Berkeley, San Diego, Irvine) 
University of Chicago, Illinois
University of Colorado

University of Michigan

University of Notre Dame, Indiana

University of Pennsylvania
University of Oregon
University of Southern California
University of Virginia

Williams College, Massachusetts

and many more…..

Henry, attending Cornell University

Internationally Educated helped break down the complex US application process and offered support in every step of the way. Debbie was very proactive and accommodating in offering assistance through discussions, feedback and clarifications. She has assisted me in strategising and developing an application that was thoughtful, well-written and unique.

I found the application process to be very manageable with the help of Internationally Educated. Debbie created a comprehensive timeline which helped direct the aspects of the application that I focussed on. Debbie has also made the process of writing application essays less daunting through her support in brainstorming and refining my responses. Her experience and resources have helped me feel more informed and confident about the process.

Brent, father of Boston University student

I cannot recommend Internationally Educated highly enough. I recommend looking into having your son or daughter study in the US if this is something they are keen on, I would however, caution against attempting to go down the complex US college scholarship/application path without the assistance and partnership of Internationally Educated who I cannot recommend highly enough.

When we started down the path of looking into US College Rowing Scholarships for our son we found the whole process very daunting with many moving parts and such a wide scope of options and choices. Once we got Debbie from Internationally Educated involved it just made the whole process so much easier and provided peace of mind that we were approaching things the correct way. With Debbie’s assistance and guidance, we were able to fine tune our college selections and really focus on those which we thought would be the best fit financially, academically and from a rowing perspective.

The college application process, although daunting, was made so much easier due to the support of Debbie. If we ever had any queries or concerns we would simply consult with Debbie who would always respond promptly and guide us through whatever phase of the process we were working on.

Matthew, attending University of Pennsylvania

I probably would not be attending the school that I’ve committed to if it was not for (Internationally Educated’s) help.

Internationally Educated did such a great job in helping me ‘translate’ my Australian marks and extra-curricular to make sense to admissions teams. I didn’t realise how much extra-curricular activities play in your application, so I really appreciated the detail and effort that Internationally Educated went to in order to ensure my activities section was reflective and strong.

Internationally Educated assisted me with was differentiating the types of schools that exist in the US. I knew not to apply to schools that were ‘prestigious’ if they didn’t have a good program for my top choice major.

Working with Internationally Educated made the application process far more fluid and less daunting. The application process for US colleges is notoriously tedious and uncertain so the confidence instilled in me was very much appreciated.

Thomas, attending Notre Dame University

Working with Internationally Educated made it a lot easier to work through the rest of my schooling (HSC) as I was able to focus on my US university application tasks efficiently.

Internationally educated helped me identify colleges by relaying their knowledge of the universities and providing me with feedback and resources that I needed to make informed decisions on the colleges I was considering applying to.

With the help of Internationally Educated, the application process was not as difficult. Debbie provided me with tons of overall resources as well as writing support which helped me get my essays and applications up to the standard in which they needed.

Alexandra, attending Duke University

I made it into Duke!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited and happy - thank you so much for all your help with my application, I could not have done it without you, you have been amazing.

William, attending University of Chicago

Throughout the beginning of the college application process I composed a vague list of colleges that I would apply to. I remember Debbie advising me to expand the list into a diverse set of universities. I felt that her advice was extremely beneficial, as towards the end of the process, I had great options. Having a list that includes career oriented programs as well as research institutions or liberal arts schools is important. In addition, the variation of selective and highly selective institutions allowed me to ensure a great future.

The college application process was more stressful than I originally thought it would be. Fortunately, I sought the help of Debbie who helped guide me through the process of getting into and paying for college. She helped me get a better understanding of the application process and make the right decisions. I am extremely grateful to have had the support of Debbie whose efforts helped me attend the University of Chicago on a full ride with the Gates Scholarship.

Henok, attending Williams College

Beyond college selection, which in itself was a huge help, I am most grateful for the help I received in structuring and editing my essay as well as developing my activities list. The two are one of the hardest parts of the college application and the help I received in completing them was instrumental for my college acceptance.

The application process was significantly simplified and more likely to yield favourable results with the help of Debbie at Internationally Educated. The process is always tedious, but the help I got from Internationally Educated made me hopeful and later incredibly grateful.

The hardest part of college selection was identifying colleges that not only offer unique education, but also ones that provide financial aid within a range that is competitive enough for me to apply hopeful of getting admission and aid. Getting the help I needed from Internationally Educated, specifically in this area was an important step that helped me move forward with confidence right from the start.

I'm incredibly grateful I was given the opportunity to work with Internationally Educated. I especially want to thank Debbie Shively for all the work she helped me with. Thank you very much!

However much time you have, start early! And never be afraid to ask for help!

Megan H, attending Columbia University

Internationally Educated assisted me in all aspects of what would have been a very daunting search if done by myself. IE helped me narrow the scope of what I wanted in terms of a general degree and then worked with me to fine tune this search so that I could find a place that would not only provide me with the degree I was after, but for me to study in a place that would provide a life experience as well; in my case NYC. As American universities are extremely expensive, they also helped me find and navigate the financial aid and scholarship process.

Debbie is an incredible resource for navigating the American higher education system. It is so vastly different than the Australian system at every level, that her knowledge and thoroughness makes her essential to the process. Not to mention she is a champion for her clients and students all the way through and gives that personal support that is needed in such a high stakes game.

Nicholas, attending University of Chicago

The entire US college application process can be very daunting, especially for people in Australia who are not as familiar with how it all works. Internationally Educated was helpful many ways including breaking down the whole process and setting deadlines for each task. This ensured that I was well-prepared to submit everything on time as well as making space for unforeseen circumstances, and still have time to focus on my IB.

Internationally Educated was also helpful in reviewing and providing feedback on my application materials, including my essays, CV, extracurriculars, and referee nominations. Their experience in the college admissions process ensured that the quality and substance of my application aligned with what the admissions committees could understand and were looking for. Internationally Educated also provided guidance in preparing for admission interviews, allowing me to anticipate and prepare for a variety of interview situations.

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