Acceptances and Testimonials

Internationally Educated has successfully worked with applicants to gain admission to the following US universities: (In alphabetical order):

Boston University, Massachusetts
Colby College, Maine
Colgate University, New York
Columbia University, New York
Duke University, North Carolina
Emory University, Georgia
Grinnell College, Iowa

New York University
Northeastern University, Massachusetts

Tulane University, Louisiana
University of Delaware

University of California
University of Chicago, Illinois
University of Colorado

University of Notre Dame, Indiana
University of Oregon
University of Southern California
University of Virginia
and many more…..

William, attending University of Chicago

Throughout the beginning of the college application process I composed a vague list of colleges that I would apply to. I remember Debbie advising me to expand the list into a diverse set of universities. I felt that her advice was extremely beneficial, as towards the end of the process, I had great options. Having a list that includes career oriented programs as well as research institutions or liberal arts schools is important. In addition, the variation of selective and highly selective institutions allowed me to ensure a great future. The college application process was more stressful than I originally thought it would be. Fortunately, I sought the help of Debbie who helped guide me through the process of getting into and paying for college. She helped me get a better understanding of the application process and make the right decisions. I am extremely grateful to have had the support of Debbie whose efforts helped me attend the University of Chicago on a full ride with the Gates Scholarship.

Megan H, attending Columbia University

Internationally Educated assisted me in all aspects of what would have been a very daunting search if done by myself. IE helped me narrow the scope of what I wanted in terms of a general degree and then worked with me to fine tune this search so that I could find a place that would not only provide me with the degree I was after, but for me to study in a place that would provide a life experience as well; in my case NYC. As American universities are extremely expensive, they also helped me find and navigate the financial aid and scholarship process. Debbie is an incredible resource for navigating the American higher education system. It is so vastly different than the Australian system at every level, that her knowledge and thoroughness makes her essential to the process. Not to mention she is a champion for her clients and students all the way through and gives that personal support that is needed in such a high stakes game.

Alexandra, attending Duke University

I made it into Duke!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited and happy - thank you so much for all your help with my application, I could not have done it without you, you have been amazing.