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Complexity Resolved

We guide you personally and professionally through the complex options of choosing and applying to US universities.


Higher education in the United States can be overwhelming with over 4,000 degree granting institutions to consider. There is no nationally mandated system of higher education nor is there a centralised application process. For example the state of California alone has three public college systems plus a private system all with different application deadlines and entry requirements. And remember most US universities evaluate a student’s secondary school academic and extra- and co-curricular experience, from year nine, which is the start of high school in the US. The longer time we have to work together, the better.

Most families who work with us are looking for comprehensive guidance through the entire identification and application process to US universities. However, we appreciate some families may seek a different level of guidance. With this in mind, we have three options of service:

  • Comprehensive - Ready to commit

  • Preparatory - Still deciding, but know we need to begin

  • Chaperoned Campus Tours - Customised university visits  

Comprehensive Package
We offer a Comprehensive Package for students who are looking for strategy, guidance and direction through the entire identification and application process to US universities. The best time to begin working with us is in year 10. 

Preparatory Package

Early preparation for a US university pathway is critical. However, some students and families find that at that better starting point of year 10 they are still deciding if a US university education is their preferred path. Our Preparatory Package allows you to begin your US university education journey as effectively as possible, whilst still retaining personal and financial flexibility in decision making for your future.

To further ease your decision, over time and as your preferences become clearer, we welcome you converting the investment in this Preparatory Package into our full Comprehensive Package. 

Chaperoned Campus Tour
Let us guide you on a multi-campus tour of your best college options in the US. This is customised to the individual student/family. 



Both the Comprehensive Package and the Preparatory Package include access to our college planning platform and university research modules.

Need more background first?

Initial Application Consultation

(in person, 60 minutes) $300 + GST
Internationally Educated will meet with you and your family to discuss in detail the US university system and the application process. We will answer your specific questions about the application process and time permitting, we will review your academic transcripts and courses from year nine. We'll put the fee toward a Comprehensive University Advisory Services package too should you proceed with that.


Video Call

And we can do an initial consultation remotely if that suits - booking options here.

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