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Australian Schmidt Science Fellows awarded for 2022

Three Australian post-graduates have been awarded Schmidt Science Fellowships to further their careers in the United States.

View details and video of all of the 2022 recipients, including;

  • Maria Lastra Cagigas - University of New South Wales Sydney, "plans to explore how the gut microbiome and human cells interact in-situ to revolutionize cancer treatment",

  • Elise Needham - University of Sydney, "aims to pivot into computational genomics and machine learning to decode the molecular drivers of heart disease across diverse global populations to improve treatments and diagnosis" and

  • Anthony Waddle - University of Melbourne, "plans to develop ways to engender resistance to this disease in frog species using synthetic biological techniques to restore endangered populations in nature."

2022 Schmidt Science Fellows,

The Schmidt Fellowships are an initiative of Eric and Wendy Schmidt's Schmidt Futures; Eric being the former CEO and Chairman of Google.

In conjunction with the Schmidt Science Fellowships, Schmidt Futures also delivers the new Quad Fellowship, endorsed by the administrations of the US, India, Japan and Australia to “sponsor 100 American, Australian, Indian, and Japanese students to study in the United States each year for graduate degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. The Quad Fellowship empowers exceptional STEM graduate students to advance research and innovation throughout their careers with a lens of positive social impact.”

The US is a world-leading STEM education provider, with opportunities to further scientific research careers through programs such as the above, or indeed to begin them with an undergraduate program at the wide range of available institutions.

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