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  • Debra M. Shively

No Testing Required for 2021-22 US University Admissions

This is great news for year 12 students who may not have left enough time to sit or re-sit the SAT or ACT and who are interested in studying in the US!

US university application requirements for current year 12 students changed due to the pandemic. For the second consecutive year, most US universities will not require students to submit an SAT or ACT test result as part of the application process. Although there are a few institutions for which this does not apply, this is a giant step in the world of admissions.

Universities are still able to gain a solid understanding of an applicant without the test scores due to the holistic admission process. University admission teams will put further emphasis on the other required components of the application such as an applicant’s courses and earned marks (transcripts) dating back to year nine. Admission teams may also review the letters of recommendation through a new lens, as they strive to learn more about the applicant as an individual. As in the past, the personal statement will continue to be the sole place an applicant can determine what they want to convey to the admission team. For this reason, perhaps more significant time and reflection is required in crafting the personal statement.

Admission teams will also continue to review an applicant’s extra and co-curricular activities to gain an understanding of what an applicant may contribute to life on campus at the applying institution.

Of course, in the event you have had the opportunity to sit the SAT or ACT and scored well, you may choose to include your test score at institutions that are not test-blind if you think it will assist your application.

The earlier we can start in your Year 12 year the better. Americans work on their college applications throughout the final years of schooling, and we usually begin working with students in year 10 or 11. However, due to these changed admission requirements and the omission of the SAT or ACT test results, there is still time to consider studying in the US and to begin working with us. We can guide you to a strong, sufficiently complete application in months – and you will find there is much you will have achieved already that can contribute to the requirements.

If you are a year 12 student and serious about studying in the US next year, we strongly encourage you to contact us ASAP. The more time we have to work together the more we can add value to your application and guide your through the process before year 12 academic demands reach their peak.

We look forward to working with you.

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