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Over $1.1 Million in Scholarship Money Awarded

Studying in the US is a big commitment and can also be a big investment. However, there is a myth that a US university pathway is only accessible for elite students and those who can afford to pay significant amounts of money for tuition and fees and room and board.


We are excited to announce that students who worked with us in identifying and applying to US universities have been awarded admission to several universities and over US$1.1 million dollars in scholarship money - most of which is merit based, and that's just from this year's early applications. We anticipate several more offers of admission and more scholarship money to be awarded between now and early April when decision letters for the regular decision round are released. 

A reminder that the US application process is a marathon and not a sprint. We usually begin working with students in years 10 or 11. The longer we have to work together, the better. We look forward to hearing from you.

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