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  • Debra M. Shively


Nearly all four year colleges and universities require applicants to submit a standardised test score, either the SAT or ACT. What are these tests, which will suit me better, and how do you register?

Both of these tests are a method used by admission teams to access how academically prepared you are for college. The SAT test is known to be more of an aptitude test which tests reasoning and verbal abilities as it tests candidates on reading, writing and maths. Additionally, the SAT subject tests are also required for admission to some institutions. These institutions usually request two subject tests but check with your nominated institution to confirm. If you are not sure where you anticipate applying, I encourage you to sit two SAT subject tests, just to be sure.

The ACT is known to be an achievement test and tests reading, maths, English and science plus an optional writing module. If you are uncertain of where you will be applying and their requirements, I would also encourage you to sit the ACT writing module, again just to be sure.

Note: The SAT will be undergoing significant changes to its format from March 2016. Learn more of the specific changes in upcoming posts.

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